Who Can Participate?

Any flag football team with players that are 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate.  Each member of the team must sign a waiver before they will be allowed to play on the field. We suggest that those with health concerns check with their doctors before participating.

How much does it cost?

The minimum donation per team is $750 (Punt Level) to participate in the Titletown Showdown.

Why do you ask for $75 if the minimum donation is $750?

At this time we will only register a total of 24 teams for the one day tournament. By paying your $75, you secure a place in one of the Division slots. By asking teams to submit a deposit of $75 it allows team members to continue to raise funds from family members and friends in order to cover the minimum registration fee of $750 or raise additional funds to earn higher level incentives.

Can we submit the minimum registration fee of $750 instead of the $75 deposit?

Yes. By submitting the $750, your team will be completely registered at the Punt Level and will owe nothing on the day of the tournament.

Can we raise more than the $750 minimum?

Absolutely! There are two other registration levels; the Pass level, which is $1,500-$2,999, and the Touchdown level, which is $3,000+. Each of these levels provides additional incentive items for the team members.

What happens if all the Divisions are full?

If all the slots are full, your name will be placed on a Wait List and you will be called if we have a cancellation. We will not take your $75 deposit unless we have an opening. PLEASE NOTE, TEAMS ON THE WAIT LIST MAY BE CONTACTED UP UNTIL A WEEK BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT.

Can we register on the day of the tournament?


Can we bring additional donations to the tournament?

Yes! We welcome teams to continue fundraising up to the day of the tournament. We will accept any donations and add them to your final tally.

How are the Green Bay Packers involved in this event?

The Green Bay Packers have put together an alumni team consisting of players from previous years and Packers personnel who will participate in the tournament. The team will include:

  • Tony Fisher (Packer Running Back 2002-2005)
  • Dexter McNabb (Packer Fullback 1992-1993)
  • Bill Schroeder (Packer Wide Receiver 1994, 1997-2001)
  • Chris Francies (Packer Wide Receiver 2006-2007)
  • Ryan Fencl (Packer Youth Football Coordinator)
  • Joe Stewart (Packer Security Guard)

Can we bring family and friends to watch?

Teams are encouraged to bring friends and family to sit in the stands and cheer them on.

Can we wear our team uniform?

Teams are encouraged to wear identifiable team uniforms appropriate for the sport.

Where is parking available?

Plentiful parking will be available. Players and spectators can park on the south side of the field in the school parking lot.

Can we bring coolers into the stadium?

No. There will be food and beverages available for the players, officials and event staff. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A NON-ALCOHOLIC EVENT.

When do the games start?

First games in the AM will start at 9:00. Multiple games will be played on the field simultaneously, with each game lasting 30 minutes in length. The Captain will be sent a schedule at least one week before the tournament. Teams should arrive 90 minutes before their first scheduled game to allow time to park, change clothes and warm up.

What is the role of the Team Captain?

The Team Captain initially secures a spot for his/her team in a Division with a $75 deposit; makes sure all players have signed the waivers and registers their information; hands in all donations due and any additional monies; and picks up team incentive gifts and information on day of the tournament. Teams should plan to arrive at the stadium earlier than their scheduled games to check in and attend a short meeting before the tournament begins.

What is the format for the games?

The format is 6-on-6 with light blocking.

Is this a contact or no contact flag football tournament?

There may be some contact with blocking; blocking must be open handed and thrust outward from the chest with open hands and not “loaded up” from the side. There is no blocking below the waist or above the shoulders. There are no chop-blocks and you cannot leave your feet.

How can my company get involved?

Monetary and in-kind support is always needed to operate an event of this size. Your company can get involved in any number of ways, here are some ideas:

  1. Become a Titletown Showdown Event Sponsor
  2. Form a corporate Titledown Showdown Team with up to 15 players•

Contact Matt Harper at Special Olympics Wisconsin Northeastern Region for more ideas and information at (920) 497-2422 or email mharper@specialolympicswisconsin.org


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