What is SOFit?

SOFit is a program designed to encourage athletes to participate in year-round wellness initiatives outside of traditional Special Olympics events. As a Unified program, SOFit strives to empower athletes and Unified partners to challenge and change the way they look at diet, daily exercise and lifestyle choices.

SOFit promotes community-based training at recreation departments, community fitness centers, or even local group or family homes. SOFit is designed with four pillars of wellness in mind: Physical, Emotional, Social and Nutritional. The goals of SOFit are:
1. Guide individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to maintain healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity and improved daily nutrition
2. Increase participants’ knowledge about physical exercise, nutrition, nutritious meal preparation and shopping for nutritious food from pre-program to post-program
3. Allow participants to experience heightened social engagement and better emotional well-being as a byproduct of the inclusive nature of the program

SOFit Parameters

Each SOFit program meeting consists of two parts:
• Physical Activity: Choose physical activity topics from one of the Three Pillars of Physical Activity

Cardiovascular Flexibility & Balance Strength
o Walking/Running
o Swimming
o Biking
o Elliptical/ Stair Climb
o Dance
o Yoga
o Agility Course
o Dynamic Movement
o Stretching
o Free Weights
o Fitness Equipment
o Bodyweight Routines
o Fitness Bands
o Medicine ball

•Educational Activity: Choose an educational topic from one of the Four Pillars of Wellness

Nutritional Wellness Social Wellness Emotional Wellness
o Healthy Eating
o Nutrition Labels
o Portion Control
o Caffeine & Alcohol
o Mindfulness
o Social Media
o Internet Safety
o Hygiene
o Relationships
o Stress Management
o Bullying
o Self Esteem



Contact Information

Please contact the Director of Training with any questions.

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