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Other Ways to Donate

This tax season, do something Special.

Donating to Special Olympics Wisconsin is as easy as making a designation on your state income tax form.

How it works.

Simply find the section called “donations” and select Special Olympics in the listing of nonprofit organizations. Then, indicate the amount you’d like to donate. Or, if you use a tax preparer, let them know how much you’d like to contribute.

Why should you contribute?

Donating a portion of your tax return to SOWI will ensure Special Olympics Wisconsin can continue to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in 17 Olympic-type sports to nearly 10,000 athletes. Through programs in sports health, education, and community building, Special Olympics is changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Gifts may be tax deductible on your 2014 taxes. Funds raised will:
  • Provide free health screenings to people with intellectual disabilities who are at an increased risk of secondary health issues through Healthy Athletes®.
  • Encourage students with and without intellectual disabilities to play side-by-side on sports teams and discuss topics to reverse stereotypes. Project UNIFY® reduces bullying in schools by replacing the word “retard” with respect.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem of our athletes to help them become more self- sufficient and secure jobs in their communities.

How else can you help?

  • Encourage five of your friends and family to make a tax donation to Special Olympics Wisconsin. Use this email template to get the word out.
  • Promote the donation program at your school, place of worship, fitness center or library and in their newsletters, bulletins or websites.
  • Ask your employer or tax preparer if you can display information about the Special Olympics Wisconsin tax checkoff throughout your office or insert into employee paychecks. (Download the tax checkoff poster or flyer).
  • Spread the word by linking to and sharing this 30 second or 60 second video on your website or social media accounts.
  • Also, add this “Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, encouraging people to make a donation to Special Olympics Wisconsin this tax season (View this one-pager with information about how to write a letter to the editor)
  • Include this banner on your personal or company website to build awareness of the income tax checkoff.

Contact Us

Special Olympics Wisconsin
2310 Crossroads Drive, Suite 1000
Madison, WI 53718

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Phone: (608) 222-1324
Toll Free: (800) 552-1324

Created by the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the benefit of persons with intellectual disabilities