A trip of a lifetime for two West Allis pals

March 29, 2019 Blog, Events, Featured

Ryon and Ken in Abu Dhabi for the World Games

On March 14th-21st 2019, the Special Olympics World Games were hosted in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Two Special Olympics Wisconsin representatives, athlete Ryan Knodl and unified partner Ken Kuemmerlein, both from West Allis, represented Special Olympics USA in unified golf. Knodl’s parents, Laurie and Ross, were able to travel to Abu Dhabi to support their son and the rest of the competitors in attendance. They painstakingly documented the trip on a Facebook page they created for the trip. They gave Special Olympics Wisconsin permission to share their story. Here are some of the top highlights from the trip. To view even more posts, visit Ryon and Ken’s Adventure to Abu Dhabi World Games 2019 on Facebook.

The dynamic duo had an incredible send off from none other than the Mayor of West Allis!

Ryon and Ken were honored to have a police escort to JFK airport!

Day one on the beautiful golf course for Ryon!

Ryon and Ken were able to visit with other Special Olympics athletes from around the world!

Ryon and Ken show off their shiny bronze medals! Congratulations guys!

Ryon and Ken on the podium receiving their hard-earned bronze medals!

Ryon and his new UAE jacket!

A congratulations letter from United States Senator Ron Johnson!


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