Agency 2-11 to Serve as Honorary Co-Captains for Northland Pines High School Homecoming Football Game

October 13, 2015

nphsOn Friday, October 16th, Special Olympics athletes from Agency 2-11 will serve as Honorary Co-Captains at the Northland Pines Homecoming football game. Head Coach of Northland Pines, Eric Swanson, has invited these Special Olympic athletes to the Homecoming game as his team takes on L’Anse from Michigan in a non-conference battle.

The athletes from Agency 2-11 will be able to walk out on the field with the Northland Pines Football Captains before the start of the game and will witness the Captains meeting and eventual coin toss. After the coin toss, athletes will stand in front of the football team for the National Anthem and will be seated on the sidelines to watch the game and all the action.

This will serve as a great experience for the athletes and families of Agency 2-11 and would not be possible without Coach Swanson and his staff.


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