An Interview with 2020 Convoy Marshal, Dan Brand

August 30, 2021 Events

The 17th Annual Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) will take place on September 18, 2021! Ahead of this event, we chatted with Dan “Dan the Man” Brand, SOWI athlete and the 2020 Truck Convoy Athlete Marshal, about his experience last year.

Q: Tell us about your experience at the 2020 Truck Convoy?

Dan: It was a nice time! I got to meet a whole bunch of different people—drivers, law enforcement and even Miss Wisconsin!

Dan Brand, 2020 Truck Convoy Athlete Marshal, with Miss Wisconsin & SOWI Board Member, Alyssa Bohm.

Q: You had quite the fan club at the Truck Convoy—what did that mean to you?

Dan: It meant a lot to have so many supporters there from my local program, St. Coletta of Wisconsin! Some of my family was there, too. It was fun to be a part of the Truck Convoy. I was very glad that I was chosen!

Q: What was your favorite part of the Truck Convoy?

During the Opening Ceremony at Mercury Marine, I read my script over a radio that each driver could hear in the cab of his or her trucks. I was able to thank them for everything they have done for the athletes and let them know what a wonderful event this is. Similar to NASCAR’s “start your engines” at the beginning of the race, I got to say “1-2-3 HONK YOUR HORNS”—it was awesome to hear all of the horns go off at the same time. It showed the drivers’ support of Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Q: The Truck Convoy typically raises over $100,000 for Special Olympics Wisconsin—what does that mean to you and your fellow 9,000 athletes?

Dan: It helps us out so much! And it helps Special Olympics Wisconsin that we get to go and compete.

It’s true. The Truck Convoy is integral to ensuring athletes continue to get the chance to thrive in athletics and beyond after gaining confidence, life skills and healthy habits through all of the programming Special Olympics Wisconsin offers.

This year, join us at the 2021 Truck Convoy and help us make it the best yet! Here are some ways to show your support:

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