Athlete Brittany Wilson shares some of her poetry

October 1, 2020 Blog, Featured

Brittany Wilson at a SOWI Athlete Leadership workshop

For a decade now, athlete Brittany Wilson of Team Milwaukee has been writing poetry to express her feelings and her art.

While she flexes her muscles in Special Olympics sports like basketball, soccer and volleyball, with more than three dozen poems written, poetry has helped her to flex her artistic muscles. Like any prolific poet, some of Wilson’s poems are joyful, while others express heartache. The beauty of poetry is that it can touch on the full range of human emotions and experiences.

Wilson has been in Special Olympics for three years now and she enjoys the competitive aspect of it. However, being the deep thinker that she is, it’s about so much more than that for her.

“I like that the coaches teach the athletes about sportsmanship, making friends, and the importance of getting fresh air,” Wilson said.

When she’s not writing poetry or participating in Special Olympics, Wilson is often volunteering at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in her mom’s clothing ministry, Kim’s Closet.

Please enjoy some selected works by Brittany Wilson.

I see

I see…colors & rainbows
I see…birds & seagulls
I see…trees & pinecones; I see it all.

I see…airplanes & helicopters
I see…stars in the sky
I see…lines & shapes; I see it all.

I see…water & dolphins
I see…boats & kites
I see…plants & livestock; I see it all.

I’ve seen a fair share of stuff in my 30-year-old life, but i won’t be the 1st person to say it…So, i’m going to say it & not spray it…THERE IS STILL STUFF TO LEARN ABOUT LIFE. Branch out of your comfortable box & you’ll be like me in no time.

Go through life & see what I see.

A Lifetime of Struggles

You can either be so young & in the prime of your life or an elder with a lifetime’s worth of struggles. The difference between young people with a lifetime’s worth of struggles & an elder with a lifetime’s worth of struggles is that elders can look back & see how they overcame their struggles & live to talk while young people stress about their struggles. Anyone can struggle with stress as the pressure of struggle mounts. I’ve had my share of struggles in my short life. Here they are:

  • Making & keeping friends while in elementary & middle school because of my disabilities considering I was teased & talked about by peers I thought were my friends
  • Being embarrassed by a teacher in front of my classmates
  • Expressing my feelings & talking them out
  • My speech as far as stuttering & stammering my words when I talk to people or read aloud

I’ll be 32 this year, but I’m still in the prime of my life & struggle just like anybody else. All you have to do is say “Whoosah!” & your struggles will slide off your shoulders in no time.


My Sisters

I have 6 sisters that range in age from 8 ½ y.o.-40 y.o. Here they are.

Athena-She’s the “maternal instinct” sister. Her instinct is a sign of her mothering spirit & the vibes that she throws out her atmosphere & toward someone who needs it. That’s who she was, who she is & who she’ll always be.

Pooh-She’s a protector & has always been a workaholic since we were kids (she was a teenager).

Shaunda-She’s a daycare teacher & it’s cool that she has the patience with kids…I’d rather her have the patience for the both of us.

Chelsea-She’s 3 ½ years younger than me & her life totally revolves around Jayden. What wouldn’t she do for him?

BriAnna-She’s my homie & 5 years younger than me. If she needs a solid done, I’m right on the front line just like she’d be for me vice versa (Athena is the exact same way).

Alisa-She’s my sassypants & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the end of the day, my sisters are my sisters & I love them all!!!

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