Carrying on a Family Tradition at the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics Wisconsin

August 28, 2013

Tim first attended the Truck Convoy by himself, curious to experience the event after seeing a promotional sign at a truck stop. But his experience didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the family. The following year, one of his daughters joined him for the ride. It wasn’t long before the Truck Convoy became a family affair with his wife and second daughter rounding out the Kleuver’s clan.

“He would take the kids when they turned 10 years old,” said Maureen. “It was the special trip [the kids] got to take with Daddy.”

Now, the Kluever’s celebrate the Truck Convoy with the entire family, including their grandchildren.

Throughout the years, Tim has also worked to promote the Truck Convoy. He spreads the word while he’s out on the road, encouraging other truckers to get involved or donate. Each year he increases the fundraising goal he wants to reach as an independent driver, starting out as a convoy participant and now working to be a Long Haul Partner.

The Truck Convoy not only raises money for SOWI athletes, it also celebrates the trucking industry, their allied partners, and law enforcement, something that Tim Kluever, a long-time trucker is honored to support.

"He is really proud he can do this," said Maureen. "He takes time off every year to be able to participate."

Maureen, whose brother participated in Special Olympics growing up, said there are no words to describe what a wonderful thing the Truck Convoy is, both for athletes and the entire trucking industry. For her family, it is something every generation shares and enjoys doing together.

“This is the family thing,” said Maureen. “Everybody is happy and everyone looks forward to it each year. It’s just a happy time.”

As the 9th annual Truck Convoy approaches, the Kluever’s are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new, custom-made bug shields for this year’s drive. The 2013 SOWI Truck Convoy will kick off on Saturday, September 21 in Richfield and organizers hope to beat last year’s record of 141 participating trucks and money raised. To register or find more information, please visit

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