Make your commitment today to build a more inclusive world, starting in your school or community!

For the past 10 years, Spread the Word to End the Word has started the conversation on respect. To continue our conversation on respect, we want to go boldly into the next ten years. Spread the Word for Inclusion is continuing our success through an ongoing effort by Special Olympics, Best Buddies and our supporters to inspire respect and acceptance by advocating for inclusive words and actions so that we can end discrimination of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Why Spread the Word: Inclusion?

We’ve made progress to spreading the word to end the r-word, but we have a long way to go in ending all types of discrimination for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

In Schools
Our Spread the Word community is leading the way in inclusive activities in over 4,500 schools across the country through pledge events, student rallies, and videos that bring together students with and without ID to help create a more inclusive world for all — and this is a fraction of more than 3 million schools worldwide.

In Youth
Over 77% of U.S. high school students believe that their school should focus on social and emotional skills — such as empathy for others. Our STW campaign has provided opportunities for young people of all abilities to build these skills through the promotion of Spread the Word. With Spread the Word Inclusion, students find their voice and teaches them to be change agents In striving for Inclusion.

In Society
Over 60% of people still believe that people with intellectual disabilities should be segregated in schools and in the workplace. With Spread the Word Inclusion, we can combat this intolerable attitude towards people with intellectual disabilities.

In People with ID
Hurtful language and actions of exclusion are hurtful and painful — whether intended or not. Most people do not realize their words or and actions affect not only people with intellectual disabilities, but their friends and family.

Creating a more inclusive world starts with a single action: yours. Here’s how you can start–

School Resources

Many Unified Champion Schools observe Spread the Word Day in March or hold Respect or Kindness campaigns sometime during the school year as part of Whole School Engagement efforts. Since every school is different, it’s up to you to decide the fit for your school.

You may already have an event planned or maybe you are looking for some ideas for a small activity for your school’s first effort. Every new unified event/activity is a step towards a more accepting and inclusive community and state. Typical elements might include a school-wide rally, signing a banner or pledge to be respectful/kind to all, and a Unity Day or Awareness Day. You can start with something as simple as morning announcements and work up from there.

Spread the Word for Inclusion Resouces

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