Boldly go where few have gone before.

This is not your typical rock climbing rappel! You will be supported every step of the way with a professional climbing instructor and event staff for a completely controlled rappelling event from start to finish. Event is OSHA certified and set-up as an industrial work site.

You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial hand held descender to rappel the building. Squeezing the handle will allow you to go down, letting go makes you stop. You can control your speed to a certain extent, but should you go too fast the back-up device will engage.

Getting your weight off the roof and into the harness is the most difficult part for some people. You will have an opportunity to practice your technique during training and an OVER THE EDGE (OTE) technician will guide you through these first few steps. Once you’ve made it over the edge, you will have a radio if you would like to communicate with your OTE technician.

You will use one of two different devices to rappel. One device requires you to squeeze a handle and the other device requires you to pull a lever to go down the building. It will take between 5 and 15 minutes to get to the bottom. Don’t forget to stop and take in the view!

Rappelling can take more effort than some people expect and you may find that your hands or arms get tired. You can stop to rest if you need a break. In general, inexperienced rappellers tend to find themselves with tired hands and arms at the bottom.

If you keep your feet on the concrete/glass it is easy to maintain the correct position. You won’t spin around or drift into the building. If you push off with your feet you can bounce outwards. The further out you bounce, the more likely you are to lock your backup device. You can maintain the correct position by sitting up in your harness, as if you were sitting in a swing. An OTE ropes volunteer at the bottom will keep you from spinning too much. Once you’re within 20’ of the ground, your landing will be assisted by the OTE ropes volunteers.


When you arrive on site you will check in at registration and be escorted to the Staging area where you’ll be fitted for gear. Once you complete this first stop, you will be escorted to the training area where you will have the opportunity to hang in the harness, find a comfortable position and practice using the descender. The same safety procedures are used in the training as in the actual rappel so you will be familiar with them when you get there.



You will receive a pre-assigned time for your rappel so you can invite your friends to cheer you on! Expect to be on-site for approximately 1.5 hours:

  • Check In: 15 mins
  • Gear On: 25 mins
  • Practice Rappel: 20 mins
  • Actual Rappel: 20 mins
  • Gear Off: 5 mins
  • Check Out: 5 mins

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