The safety of our communities is our number one priority. We are excited to bring you the Sun Run & Solar Plunge experience, and we're confident you'll have a blast at our family-friendly adventure in 2021. Please review our COVID-19 Safety guidelines to ensure everyone feels safe while supporting Special Olympics WI.

All guests, staff and volunteers will be required to follow state and local COVID safety protocols.

All guests, staff and volunteers must also follow all venue-specific safety protocols in addition to these SOWI protocols. Please see your specific Sun Run & Solar Plunge page for more information.


  • Participants, staff, & volunteers will be required to wear masks in the registration area. Hand sanitizer will be provided for all participants to use.
  • Online registration required (no day-of or in-person registration).
  • Checks/credit cards preferred (cash will be discouraged).
  • Participants need to register online one week prior to the event in order to receive a t-shirt day-of. People who register after that will not be guaranteed a shirt on event day, but will be mailed one if needed.
  • Eligible participants will receive their t-shirts at the event. All other incentives will be distributed after the event.
  • Fundraising will remain open for one week after the event to allow folks to turn in their money online.

During the Sun Run Experience

  • Participants will be running/walking in waves to allow for social distancing.
  • Participants should wear masks at the starting line until the race begins (might vary by county/local public health orders).
  • Water station volunteers will wear masks and gloves.
  • Spectators are discouraged from gathering in large groups and encouraged to wear masks when distancing is not possible.

During the Solar Plunge Experience

  • Participants should maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more from people not within their household or team while plunging.

Event Experience

  • Food and activities will be available at each of the Sun Run & Solar Plunge locations. They will vary based on location and current COVID-19 mandates in place at the time of the event.
  • Participants and guests are encouraged to social distance as best as you can throughout the duration of the events.

COVID-19 Safety Measures for the virtual experiences

Participants are encouraged to do the Virtual Sun Run & Solar Plunge with members of their household to maximize safety.

If you do choose to participate with people from outside your household, we ask you to follow state and local COVID-19 safety protocols.


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