Introducing the 2021 Truck Convoy Athlete Marshal, Riley Schmitz

Riley is described as very happy, hilarious, friendly, smart and athletic and smiles at everyone he meets! Riley, now 21, joined the Bay Navigators Special Olympics Team at the young age of 8. Over the years, he has competed in bowling, basketball and track & field and has won countless medals and ribbons that he is incredibly proud of. But it isn’t all about the hardware. Special Olympics has brought Riley many wonderful friendships. Riley shares, “I like making friends and spending time with them.”
Riley’s heart is as big as his smile. His mother, Michelle Tankersley of WEL Companies, shares, “Riley makes it to State Tournaments every year for Track & Field, but every other year, he forgoes competing to allow another teammate to go in his place. Although he isn’t competing, he insists on going to cheer on his fellow teammates. That is a true team player.”
For Riley & his parents, Special Olympics Wisconsin has become much more than an outlet for sports. As coaches, Danny, also of WEL Companies, and Michelle find such joy in seeing athletes succeed and understand the importance of the Truck Convoy to help provide continuing opportunities for athletes. Michelle shares, “If it was not for the drivers and companies that raise money for this wonderful event, the athletes would not have all the opportunities they do now.”
As we always say with any Special Olympics Wisconsin experience be it coaching, volunteering or attending a sporting event, you get more than you give. Danny can surely attest to that, as he shares, “I enjoy coaching the athletes. Not only is it fun, but I also learn from them. They are all like my kids. We are family.”

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