Featured Edger: Hannah Marasch

July 31, 2013

After 18-year-old Hannah Marasch heard about her cousin’s adventure rappelling Over the Edge of The City Center in September of 2012, she wanted in on the action. Just two months later, Marasch signed up for the event. 

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this!” said Marasch.

After eight months of fundraising, Marasch has handed out dozens of flyers and posted many social media posts asking for donations. She is more than half way to her goal, with no signs of slowing down.

Marasch, who will pursue a college degree is Special or Elementary Education next year, works at a day care and is a coach for Cedarburg’s Special Olympics Young Athletes™ program. That ability to balance projects and give back to the community helped Marasch win the title of Miss Slinger Teen this year! 

Marasch will rappel down the 17 story building wearing her sash and crown. She said even though she’ll have butterflies in her stomach on September 13, the kids she’s met through Special Olympics Young Athletes will keep her motivated to make it Over the Edge.

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