Description: The Agency manager plans, organizes, directs and coordinates programs and services for the athletes in the Agency in accordance with established policies to further achieve the goals, objectives, standards and mission of Special Olympics Wisconsin. The completion of responsibilities will be performed personally by the Agency manager or through other Agency staff or volunteers.

Qualifications: The desire and enthusiasm to manage the Agency program to the best of their abilities. Experience as a leader with management, organization and communication skills, as well as knowledge of sports management, volunteers and persons with intellectual disabilities. Manager must be a registered Class A volunteer with no financial restrictions. In the event this position is filled by an athlete, s/he needs to be ALPs registered and screened.

Primary Responsibilities: (If an Agency has a co-manager, he/she would share these responsibilities.)

  1. Behave in a manner consistent with SOWI’s core values of mutual respect, positive attitude, accountability, teamwork and dedication
  2. Promote the mission of Special Olympics and uphold the philosophy, principles and policies of Special Olympics, Inc. and Special Olympics Wisconsin for the benefit of the athletes
  3. Serve as the primary contact for all mailings, phone calls and paperwork for the Agency from the Regional office and Special Olympics Wisconsin Headquarters and those affiliated with the Agency. (In the case that an Agency has a co-manager, only one of them will be listed as the contact for the Agency in the SOWI databases.)
  4. Direct safe, quality training for the athletes
  5. Oversee arrangement of competition opportunities at all levels of Special Olympics for the athletes
  6. Oversee all financial matters including developing and monitoring the Agency budget and maintaining Agency bank accounts according to Special Olympics Wisconsin policies
  7. Ensure funds are raised and expended according to Special Olympics Wisconsin policies to meet the needs identified in the Agency budget
  8. Develop a communication system to regularly update coaches, volunteers, family members and the media
  9. Recruit eligible athletes and volunteers needed to implement a quality local program


Support: The Agency manager reports to the appropriate Regional office. Agency mentors are available for additional support as agreed upon by the Regional office and Agency manager.

Benefits to Volunteer: Managing an Agency allows opportunities for developing marketable job skills, creating personal and professional relationships, directing your own volunteer time, enhancing your physical fitness, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and more.

Time Commitment: The number of hours per week depends on the size and involvement level of the Agency. The time commitment increases around Regional and State competitions.

Work Location: The Agency manager may work out of their home, workplace office, classroom or other facility as they deem appropriate.

Date of Redesign: The Agency is reviewed annually through the Agency registration and accreditation process at which time the Agency manager job description is reviewed.

For more information, contact

Mark Wolfgram, Director of Field Services
(608) 442-5673