Class A Volunteers

A Class A Volunteer is anyone who has direct contact with athletes or is in a position of authority, supervision or trust of athletes or handles substantial amounts of cash or other assets for Special Olympics needs to be a registered Class A volunteer.

Special Olympics Wisconsin cares deeply about our athletes, families and volunteers and realizes the need to take precautions to ensure their safety. To provide the best experience possible, potential Class A volunteers are required to complete the following steps:

Steps to Become a Class A Volunteer:

  1. Complete the online Protective Behaviors training and test every three years.
  2. Submit the Class A Volunteer Application online (for individuals 18 or older)


      Download the Class A Adult or Class A Minor Form volunteer forms. Completed forms must be mailed to:

Attn: Class A Form
Special Olympics Wisconsin
2310 Crossroads Drive, Suite 1000
Madison, WI 53718


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