The purpose of SOWI’s Virtual Performance Station is to to prepare athletes to compete to their personal best and to make the connection between fitness and athletic performance.

Performance Stations are events held at or near the field of play at tournaments/competitions or Games that are designed to educate and activate athletes and their supporters in the tenets of fitness: nutrition, hydration and physical activity. These stations directly connect fitness to sport performance, and show how incorporating these tenets can enhance training, performance at competition, and health.

Performance Station events will remind participants and volunteers that physical fitness is an important part of the mission of Special Olympics. Emphasis should be placed on the athlete and Unified Partner experience, but coaches and parents/caregivers may also gain knowledge and ideas from this event. In addition, Performance Stations will open doors for future fitness opportunities for Special Olympics athletes and their supporters by encouraging volunteers to seek ways of engaging with Special Olympics through fitness (i.e. starting an inclusive fitness class, advocating for inclusive gym and health/wellness centers and facilities, becoming a wellness coach, etc.).

There are six substations for SOWI’s Virtual Performance Station. Click on each video below:

Competition Readiness



Physical Activity

Mental Toughness

Goal Setting

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