Special Olympics Fit Feet is a free podiatric screening for participating Special Olympics athletes evaluating ankles, feet, lower extremity biomechanics, and proper shoe and sock gear. In partnership with the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP) and the AmericanAcademy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Fit Feet also provides referrals for those participating Special Olympics that require follow up services.

At a Fit Feet event, athletes are screened by podiatrists and podiatry students and educated on their correct shoe size as well as nail and skin care. Thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Comfort, Dr. Comfort shoes are available to athletes free of charge.

“The athletes that weekend generously gave their time and their feet to help these students learn how to perform correct clinical and biomechanical examinations – which is invaluable! I think Fit Feet really is a win-win situation from both a public health and clinical standpoint.” – Dr. Brant McCartan


Fit Feet screenings throughout the US has indicated that a large number of Special Olympics athletes have untreated foot conditions.

  • 58% have gait abnormalities
  • 44% have skin and nail conditions
  • 24% have bone deformation
  • 41% of Special Olympics athletes in the U.S. are wearing the wrong size shoe

Available Screenings

Fit Feet is offered at the Outdoor Sports Tournament.

Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer for Fit Feet please e-mail Melissa Schoenbrodt.

Clinical Director

Dr. Birute Balciunas, DPM


For more information on Fit Feet, please contact Melissa Schoenbrodt, Director of Health Programs.

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