International Tennis Federation and Special Olympics announce strategic alliance

September 1, 2016

The International Tennis Federation and Special Olympics today announced an agreement for long-term strategic, cooperative support.

“The ITF is very pleased to partner with Special Olympics and be a small part of the important work that they do every day around the world. We share common values with a strong focus on providing sporting opportunities for all and recognise the positive impact that sport can have on the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities,” said ITF President David Haggerty.

“Special Olympics looks forward to a meaningful partnership with the International Tennis Federation and their 211 member nations, giving access to our athletes for coaching, training and other opportunities,” said Jon-Paul St. Germain, Special Olympics Sport Partnerships Senior Director. “It is also very important to us to have ITF support for the inclusion of tennis in Special Olympics.”

As part of the collaboration,

The ITF will:

– Provide access to teaching and coaching resources, which support the delivery of a safe, fun and positive experience of tennis to children and adults with intellectual disabilities
– Provide high quality training opportunities
– Proclaim its support of Special Olympics and the inclusion of tennis as an official Special Olympics sport

Special Olympics will:

– Recognise the ITF as an international partner of Special Olympics
– Acknowledge the ITF Coach Education programs as examples of best practices in supporting the growth and development of inclusive sport for all
– Use ITF’s Play and Stay/Tennis 10 campaigns as training and competition programs for people with intellectual disabilities
– Increase the number of tennis schools and tennis players with intellectual disabilities around the world


Special Olympics Wisconsin has offered Tennis at a state wide level for approximately 22 years. About 30 Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes participate state wide and have the ability to advance to the regional and state tournament level.

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