Kwik Trip: A Community Partnership

December 9, 2016


For more than 15 years, Kwik Trip has been a mission partner of Special Olympics Wisconsin. This long-standing partnership displays an unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of our athletesseveral of whom are Kwik Trip co-workers! Through this partnership, Kwik Trip co-workers form teams to participate in the Polar Plunge, sell Polar Plunge icons to their loyal customers and volunteer their time at State Summer Games.

A nearly two-week long icon sale with Kwik Trip came to a close on November 24. In 323 stores across the state, check-out counters, windows and walls were plastered with Special Olympics Polar Plunge icons. These icons may not look like much, but to Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes, they represent continued opportunities to defy odds and experience joy through sport.

This year, Kwik Trip made a record-breaking difference in the lives of our athletes with the Polar Plunge icon sales. On average, it costs $552 to support one athlete for one year. Kwik Trip co-workers and their tremendous customers rose to the challenge and supported 336 athletes. That’s a phenomenal $185,834 raised!

If you stopped in to your local Kwik Trip store to purchase an icon or helped spread the word of this campaign, we thank YOU for your support. We also thank Wisconsin’s law enforcement community for its tremendous support of this fundraiser. $185,834 will help provide athletes the opportunity to experience the power of sport, provide them with access to free health screenings and breakdown barriers to create a more unified world. And what more could we ask for?

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