Making a Difference: Brillion High School’s Project Unify

March 16, 2017

BRILLION (WLUK) — A local high school club in Brillion is making a difference in their community as they “spread the word to end the word.”

Project Unify is a section of the Special Olympics, with local chapters throughout the country, including Brillion High School.

Students there have made a pledge to not just stop using the “R-word” but to incorporate individuals with special needs into their social circles, including sitting together at lunch, or partnering up for class assignments.

These opportunities have changed the perspectives of all involved, no matter your abilities.

Justin Steinbrinck traveled to Brillion High School to meet members of this club and see how their influence is changing the culture around their high school and their community.

For more information on Brillion’s Project Unify, click here.

Via Fox 11 NEWS WLUK –

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