Meet Donna: Athlete in the Spotlight

July 28, 2016

Throughout the year, Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) organizes training and competition for 18 different Olympic-type sportAthlete in the Spotlight: Donnas. One of our most popular sports is bocce – a game of skill and strategy that can be played by individuals of all ages and abilities. In fact, 449 athletes are expected to compete at next weekend’s Outdoor Sports Tournament in Waukesha!

Meet Donna, a Special Olympics Wisconsin athlete who, for the past 18 years, participated in track and field, swimming and basketball skills. While Donna enjoys these sports, her true love is bocce – bringing fierce competition to the court.

To Donna, bocce is about more than just playing the game. Bocce gives her a chance to make long-lasting friendships not only with her team, Y of the Tigers, but with athletes from across the state. She has been a member of Y of the Tigers since it was created three years ago and looks forward to practicing every week. Donna said, “I love being able to play with people who are my friends.”

Donna’s coach, Kerri Frey, said, “Donna is a great athlete and really loves being a part of Y of the Tigers. She is always willing to give 110% and will help motivate her teammates whenever they need it.”

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