New Wisconsin Crowdfunding Platform Offers A Way To Give Back Locally

December 3, 2015

Wisconsin Bankers Association and Crowdfund i94, LLC recently announced the launch of nVestWisconsin, LLC, one of the state’s first crowdfunding websites to support local nonprofits,businesses and projects.

On Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1), nVestWisconsin will launch a website,, dedicated to fundraising for Wisconsin nonprofits and encouraging residents to invest in their communities by giving back to local causes.

Special Olympics Wisconsin, Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps, Habitat for Humanity Wisconsin and Zoological Society of Milwaukee are the first four nonprofit organizations to launch fundraising projects on nVestWisconsin. Each nonprofit will run a 30‐day fundraising campaign through nVest in order to meet specific needs and goals. Moving forward, other Wisconsin nonprofits will have the opportunity to launch their own fundraising campaigns through nVestWisconsin.

The donation side of the site is the first of two branches to launch under the nVestWisconsin name. nVestWisconsin will introduce an investment side of the site at a later date, enabling users to directly invest in local businesses and companies.

“With nVestWisconsin, we’re encouraging people to consider how they invest in their community,” said Mike Semmann, president of nVestWisconsin and executive vice president and chief operations officer for Wisconsin Bankers Association. “We know donating is not a one-size‐fits‐all activity, and by offering an option to either donate or invest, we’re allowing people to give however they choose or to truly own a piece of something good in their home state.”

Bringing charitable donations and investments together on the nVestWisconsin platform will offer one-­‐ o-­‐one statewide donation and investment opportunities, which donors and investors can see the results of firsthand in communities across their home state.

Wisconsin Bankers Association is headquartered in Madison, Wis. and currently represents nearly 270 commercial Wisconsin banks and savings institutions.

To learn more about nVestWisconsin or donate to one of the four nonprofits, visit


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