November is National Diabetes Month

November 4, 2014

Diabetes is an ever-growing health concern that affects nearly 30 million children and adults in the U.S. alone. Individuals with intellectual disabilities are at a higher risk for preventable diseases because they often do not receive the health care they need, which can be linked to high body mass index, high blood pressure and low activity rates—all contributing factors to the development of Type 2 diabetes. Take simple steps to help lower everyone's risk of diabetes and improve everyday health.

•    Find opportunities to be physically active every day
•    Plan meals in advance that include lean meats, plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products
•    Avoid sugary drinks like soda

This November, in honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, take a moment to assess your personal health through the American Diabetes Association’s Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test and speak to your doctor if you have any health concerns. 

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