SOWI partners help give athletes smiles

June 28, 2019 Blog, Featured

Warren Family Dental and Delta Dental of Wisconsin partnered to put on the Give Athletes a Smile Day event on June 14. Through their generosity and the work of numerous volunteers, 19 athletes and two mentors from across the state of Wisconsin were able to receive free dental care.

Thanks to the Special Smiles clinic this year at the Summer Games and Indoor Sports Tournament, eight of those athletes were able to follow up after discovering they had urgent dental care needs. The total work done at the Give Athletes a Smile Day event was an incredible $17,873 which included 18 fillings, 18 extractions, and 19 cleanings.

Dr. Robb Warren (L) and a volunteer with a SOWI athlete

Jennica Graves-Webb and Tristan Graves were two of the athletes who used the day to follow up on their Special Smiles visit at this year’s Indoor Sports tournament held in Oshkosh in April. The identical twins were both flagged as having urgent dental care needs. At the Give Athletes a Smile Day Event, Graves-Webb, received two molar extractions and one surface filling. She also had a cleaning, exam, bitewing x-rays and fluoride done. Graves, she received three extractions and one protective restoration. She also had a Full Mouth Scale, bitewing x-rays and fluoride done.

Graves-Webb’s husband, Ryan Webb, was also flagged as urgent at IST and attended Give Athletes a Smile Day to address the issues uncovered at Special Smiles.

Tristan Graves (L) and Jennica Graves-Webb with their mother, Deb Graves


The Special Smiles clinic is an important component of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes programming. Special Smiles was created to make dental care accessible for Special Olympics athletes along with all individuals that have intellectual disabilities. The screenings are provided by dental professionals and afterwards the athletes are given a new toothbrush, toothpaste, as well as dental floss.

Delta Dental of Wisconsin has been the exclusive statewide partner of the Special Smiles program for Special Olympics Wisconsin since 2002. They provide screenings for oral health, education, fluoride varnish, and fitted mouth guards. We’re incredibly grateful to them and Warren Family Dental for their commitment to give Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes smiles!

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