Competition Options


Athletes can compete in individual, team, or unified events in the SOWI Bowling League. Athletes will bowl during practice and submit 2 official scores each week. Bowlers will be divisioned against athletes from their region and receive placement based on their average score over the course of league play.  No qualifying scores are required with registration.

Athletes that placed 1st,  2nd, or 3rd in their event in the District Bowling League will advance to the State Bowling Tournament at Weston Lanes in Wausau on December 3-4, 2022. The State Tournament will be a scratch competition.


Athletes and Unified Partners have the opportunity to compete in a Unified Bowling Competition. The Unified Bowling Tournaments are non-advancing stand-alone events separate from the Bowling League. Scores recorded at the Unified Bowling Tournament can be submitted as official scores for the District Bowling League.  A qualifying score of a 6-game average will be required with registration.

Rule Changes

Special Olympics Wisconsin will no longer include handicapping in scoring.  All competitions will be scratch competitions.

Athletes are assigned divisions based on their entered average.  An athlete’s bowling average is determined by dividing the total number of pins knocked down by the number of games bowled.

Important Dates

Medical Deadline: October 1

Rules & Forms

Regional League Competitions

Entry Deadline: October 3
Event Date: October 11-November 13
For questions, contact your local Athletic Director:

Michaela Harrison 2 & 3
Megan Quandt 4 & 5
Nicole Christensen 6
Brooke Trewyn 7
Amber Weinfurter 8


Regional Score Deadlines (2 scores due each week)

Week 1: October 16
Week 2: October 23
Week 3: October 30
Week 4: November 6
Week 5: November 13

State Competition

Saturday, December 3 & Sunday, December 4
Weston Lanes, Wausau
Director: Nicole Christensen
Entry Deadline: November 16
Scratch Deadline: November 23

Unified Competition:

October 15
Bowl-A-Vard, Madison
Director: Nicole Christensen
Entry Deadline: October 3
Scratch Deadline: October 10