Special Olympics Wisconsin is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials, staff, and all that contribute to the success of our athletes in training and events. We have implemented a Return to Play plan in accordance with Wisconsin Department of Health Services data to determine phasing of practices and in-person competition.

SOWI is currently in Phase 1 – Small Group Activities. Bowling is a SOWI COVID-19 approved sport for Phase 1 and 2. For more information, visit our Return to Play page.

Return to Play Information


2021 Winter Bowling Season

In-Person Competition

  1. Athletes will compete in Modified League Play a practice. Athletes must register through their local agency by January 17, 2021 and do not need to submit qualifying scores with registration.
  2. Athletes must submit 14 bowling scores during the 7 week period from January 25 through March 14, 2021. The first two scores will be used to set a bowler’s starting handicap and will not count toward the final score. The remaining 12 games will count toward the final league score.
  3. The Special Olympics rolling handicap is based on 100% of the difference of the bowler’s average and 200, and will be updated every 2 games to include previous scores.
  4. Bowlers will be divisioned against athletes across the state based on performance during the first half of league play.

For more information or to request registration forms for competition, contact Michaela Harrison or Nicole Christensen.

Winter Bowling League Weekly Challenges
Agencies that submit score sheets by 11:59pm each Sunday will be entered into the SOWI Weekly Bowling Challenges!

  • WEEK ONE: January 25 – January 31
    • There will be no challenge during Week 1
  • WEEK TWO: February 1 – February 7
    • Strike Challenge: Athletes in each agency must work together to bowl as many strikes as possible! The agency that bowls the most strikes this week wins! Strike counts are limited to 2 official games per athlete. Strike totals will be calculated based on the number of athletes on your bowling roster to even the playing field across different sized groups.
    • How to Enter: Bowling Coaches must include number of total strikes by all athletes when submitting the weekly score sheet to your bowling SRT.
    • Prize: The agency with the most strikes will win a fitness equipment pack for your team!
  • WEEK THREE: February 8 – February 14
    • Valentines Challenge: All athletes that are actively participating in the bowling league will receive a Valentine from Special Olympics Wisconsin!
    • How to Enter: There is nothing to enter for the Valentines Challenge.
    • Prize: SOWI staff will mail valentines directly to bowling coaches to distribute at practice.
  • WEEK FOUR: February 15 – February 21
    • North vs. South Challenge: Bowlers across the state will team up in the North vs. South challenge! All of the scores submitted from Northern teams (regions 2, 3, 4, 5) will be averaged together against the scores submitted from the Southern teams (regions 6, 7, 8). The area with the highest average wins!
    • How to Enter: No action necessary. All agencies that submit bowling scores by 11:59pm on Sunday are automatically entered in this challenge
    • Prize: Statewide bragging rights and recognition in the Virtual Awards Ceremony.
  • WEEK FIVE: February 22 – February 28
    • Best Bowl Challenge: This week’s challenge is against yourself! Athletes that bowl their best score up to this point in the league will receive a prize!
    • How to Enter: No action necessary. All agencies that submit bowling scores by 11:59pm on Sunday will be automatically entered in this challenge.
    • Prize: TBD
  • WEEK SIX: March 1 – March 7
    • Spread The Word Inclusion Challenge: TBD
    • How to Enter: TBD
    • Prize: TBD
  • WEEK SEVEN: March 8 – March 14
    • St. Patrick’s Challenge: Wear green to bowling practice to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!
    • How to Enter: Wear green and take a photo at bowling practice. Submit photos to media@specialolympicswisconsin.org!
    • Prize: Athletes that submit photos may be featured on the SOWI website, social media pages, or during the Virtual Awards Ceremony.

Virtual Awards Ceremonies

Bowling Rules 


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