Special Olympics Wisconsin is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials, staff, and all that contribute to the success of our athletes in training and events. We have implemented a Return to Play plan in accordance with Wisconsin Department of Health Services data to determine phasing of practices and in-person competition.

SOWI is currently in Phase 1 – Small Group Activities. Volleyball (Skills) is a SOWI COVID-19 approved sport for Phase 1 and 2. For more information, visit our Return to Play page.

Return to Play Information


2020 Volleyball Skills Season

In-Person Competition

  1. Three events comprise the Individual Skills Competition: Overhead Passing (Volleying), Serving, and Passing (Forearm Passing). The athlete’s final score is determined by adding together the scores achieved in each of these three events. All volleyball athletes will register through their local agency by November 13, 2020 and be divisioned based on their scores with athletes from around the state. Athletes can complete at practice or in a local gym and submit their final scores by December 4, 2020. This competition can be done in Phase 1 or 2.

For more information or to request registration forms for in-person competition, contact Amber Weinfurter or Hailey Aderman. 

Virtual Competition

  1. For those athletes who do not feel comfortable attending practice or scrimmages this is an option to still compete in volleyball.
  2. Athletes may use any equipment they have around the house if they do not have official equipment.
    • Such as playground ball, beach ball etc.
    • Use your judgement and remember to be careful when participating
  3. Feel free to take pictures of yourself participating and then submit them in with your scores.
  4. Form of Play
    • OVERHEAD PASSING (Volleying)
      • Overhead passing against the wall – Mark a line with tape or rope at 7 feet & 11 5/8 inches high and take 3 steps back or whatever distance you feel comfortable. Overhead pass the ball (set) above the line on the wall so that it rebounds back to you. Keep setting it over the line again, and again.
      • How long did it take you to get 20 sets above the line?
      • Serve against the wall – Mark a line with tape or rope at 7 feet & 11 5/8 inches high (net height) and stand back 29.5 feet (or 10 big steps) or more and go through your routine, serving over the line (net). It is most important that you have the skill of always serving over the net, even if you sometimes serve out.
      • How long did it take you to get 10 serves over the line?
    • PASSING (Forearm Passing)
      • Pass to a Friend – Have your friend toss the ball to you then pass the ball back to your friend. Make sure that your pass is high enough to set. Keep passing it over again, and again.
      • How long did it take you to pass 20 settable balls to your friend?
  5. All athletes that participate in Virtual Individual Skills Competition must submit their scores and complete the SOWI Waiver for Online Activities. Athletes will receive a participation award.

Submit Scores

Volleyball Skills Rules & Training Plan


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