Katie M.

“If someone wants to have fun, feel better and make friends, then Special Olympics is the place for them.”

This week we hear from 2018 USA Games athlete Katie Muench from West Allis!

How and when did you become involved with SOWI?
I was 15 at an event for people with disabilities, we met Coach Claudia and thought this would be something I would really like. I started with bowling, then track, and now I am in a sport for every season.

What sport(s) do you participate in and what is your favorite sport?
Volleyball, basketball, track and bocce. I play one sport per season and my favorite is volleyball!

What do you like most about being involved with SOWI?
I like sports and I tried to do things in school, but I did not get to play a lot. Now that I am in Special Olympics I am getting out with others and meeting new friends. I really like sports and I am getting a lot better at them. It is helping me to keep in shape and my mom says the exercise is really good for me. I really like being part of a team. I would be really bored without special Olympics. I never knew I would be so good at sports!

Tell us about one of your favorite memories with SOWI.
When I was in a volleyball tournament for North Suburban, it was my turn to serve. I hit the ball for all 25 points and my team was so proud of me!

How would your life be different if you never joined SOWI?
I would be very bored and I would not have made all of the friends that I have now. I have met so many great people that have helped me get better at sports and I would not be in as good of shape as I am now. I would not have so many ribbons that make me feel proud of myself.

Why do you think other people should get involved with SOWI?
Because sports are important and people like myself do not get a lot of opportunities to meet socially and to exercise. It teaches me commitment and teamwork. If someone wants to have fun, feel better and make friends, then Special Olympics is the place for them.