The journey to the 2018 USA Games in Seattle begins for Team Wisconsin

September 28, 2017 Blog, Events


Last week, following a very successful USA Games Selection Camp, selected athletes and Unified partners received the news that they were chosen to represent Team Wisconsin at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle, Washington.

The USA Games will take place in Seattle July 1-6, 2018. More than 4,000 athletes and coaches representing 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with 10,000 volunteers and even more spectators will make their way to The Evergreen State to participate in the biggest sporting event to hit Seattle in over 25 years. Bocce, softball, and swimming are just a few of the 14 team and individual sporting events that will be offered. In addition, the Motor Activity Training Program will be available for athletes who, because of their skill and/or functional abilities, are unable to participate in official sport competitions. Events will take place in the best sporting facilities around the Greater Seattle region, including the University of Washington, Angle Lake, and more.

While it was tough to see athletes not get selected for the USA Games, it is exciting to see Team Wisconsin taking shape. Of the whopping 4,000 athletes and coaches participating in the USA Games, Team Wisconsin will make up a portion of that with 54 athletes and Unified partners. Here is a breakdown of the number of athletes in each sport:

  • 8 in athletics (track and field)
  • 8 in aquatics
  • 10 in basketball
  • 8 in bocce
  • 8 in bowling
  • 12 in Unified soccer—7 athletes and 5 Unified partners

We have a lot in store for the next nine months leading up to the USA Games, but there are a few things you can be on the lookout for in the near future to learn more about the Team and to show your support! Each member of Team Wisconsin will have to raise $500, and each participant will get their own fundraising website to make for convenient and secure donations. Team members will also receive trading cards with general information about themselves and their sport. There are other ideas in the works to to help them raise money and get the word out for Team Wisconsin.

Stay tuned for an official team announcement next week, and for many feature stories on the amazing athletes and Unified partners of Team Wisconsin between now and the USA Games.

In the meantime, check out this playlist that shows the moment many of them found out they made the team!

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