Our Vision of a Unified Generation

A unified generation is one where students with and without intellectual disabilities can live in a world where they have equal opportunities. This movement begins in schools, where students can be surrounded by inclusion. To create a Unified Generation kids need to be around inclusion as early as possible. Special Olympics Wisconsin has made it our goal to create Unified Champion Schools in all school districts across the state of Wisconsin. Our vision is that students can start unified experiences in elementary school, such as Young Athletes and then have Unified Champion Schools Programs in Middle and High Schools. Following High School students can lead the change in their colleges or universities and be the future Special Olympics volunteers, coaches and staff!

The Impact

  • 96% of youth involved say they feel comfortable carrying on a conversation with an individual with a disability.
  • 100% of teachers said the UCS program eased the transition from middle to high school by fostering a sense of belonging and building relationships.
  • 86% generally regard participation in the program as a positive turning point in their lives.
  • 87% learned that standing up for something they believe in is the right thing to do.

Join Us!

Students of all abilities have the power to positively impact their school communities by promoting social inclusion. Learn how you can make a difference.

Create a Unified Generation in your school today!

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