We believe that the world would be better if all people were valued, respected, embraced, included. Included in the games we play and the friends we make. Included in our schools, our workplaces, and our communities.

We are changing that with grassroots action for inclusion. That’s Spread the Word. Spread the Word is a global engagement campaign in partnership with Best Buddies, focused not just on the elimination of the word ‘retard(ed)’ but on the creation of a new reality: inclusion for all people with intellectual disabilities. We encourage everyone to celebrate champions of change in their schools, workplaces and communities.


Creating a more inclusive world starts with a single action: yours. Here’s how you can start.

#1 Take the Pledge: Make your commitment to spread inclusion.
Take the Pledge!

#2 Spread the Word: After you’ve taken the pledge, spread the word so others do too. Share about your pledge on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and tag @sowisconsin and @PledgeToInclude

#3 Submit a Video: Tell us how you will Spread the Word >> Inclusion!

#4 Gear up for Inclusion: Bring the message of inclusion wherever you go with the  “Inclusion No Matter the Distance” t-shirt. Shop now!

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Additional Videos:

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