Michael Poll


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Sport: Basketball
Agency: North Suburban

Michael was born in Milwaukee and is one of the most experienced Special Olympics athletes on Team Wisconsin, having been a Special Olympics athlete since 1985. Although he has competed in most sports, Michael especially loves basketball. Michael has competed in two World Games previously. Outside of Special Olympics, most of his days are spent at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he has been helping several of the college teams for the last 15 years. A few years ago, UWM honored him by creating a “Michael Poll Spirit” Award and they give it out every year to a new recipient. The Mayor of Milwaukee even declared a Michael Poll Day, May 11, 2014. Two of Michael’s friends he met at UWM went so far as to create a Michael Poll Super Fan bobble-head and sold it to benefit his agency. Learning that he was chosen for Team Wisconsin was super exciting for Michael, and there’s video to prove it!