Wisconsin Knights of Columbus Commits to be a 2014 USA Games Partner

June 27, 2013

“Any person who has attended the State Summer Games Opening Ceremony understands why we support Special Olympics Wisconsin. The enthusiasm of the athletes is tremendous,” said John Benisch, Knights of Columbus State Coordinator.

For years, the Knights of Columbus have worked tirelessly to ensure Special Olympics Wisconsin can provide experiences such as the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games in New Jersey to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Over the years, Knights have volunteered at the State Summer Games and raised funds through special events such as Tootsie Roll drives in April of each year along with other fundraisers, like brat fry’s.

According to Benisch, Knights of Columbus members belong to more than 280 councils across the state and it is incredibly rewarding for them to give athletes living in their communities the chance to travel and compete at the national level.

“The Knights of Columbus are all over the state and athletes come from across Wisconsin to compete in at the National level so it’s a perfect match,” explained Benisch.

According to Benisch, athlete Tyler Wigington from Madison reinforced their support for Special Olympics Wisconsin when he spoke at their State Convention earlier this year.

 “He talked about his life and explained how he started out feeling like he wasn’t worth much, but now through his involvement with Special Olympics he has improved and can stand on his own,” he said. “The Knights just marvel at what athletes like Tyler have overcome. We are happy to have this program growing again and it’s stronger than ever before.”


(upper left) Wisconsin Knights of Columbus State Deputy, Tim Genthe (front left to right) Special Olympics Wisconsin athlete, Tyler Wigington; Brenda Holmquist, Special Olympics Wisconsin Senior Director of Development; Knights of Columbus State Coordinator for Special Olympics, John Benisch; Council #6646 Brown Deer Grand Knight William Bergeron.


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