Young with a Heart of Gold

November 2, 2021

At the age of 16 years old, 17 when the Games occur, Christian Emery of West Bend is Team Wisconsin’s youngest delegate for the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.

Christian at Selection Camp alongside fellow Team Wisconsin delegate, Jermaine Collins.

Christian joined Special Olympics Wisconsin only three years ago, but is already making quite a statement on the playing field in basketball, track and flag football. He has made it to state on three separate occasions! While sports and competition are at the center of Special Olympics, it is continually seen with all of our athletes that Special Olympics gives them so much more than that. Christian’s mother reinforces that by sharing, “Special Olympics has given Christian an amazing community to belong to. He has met many new kids and young adults that have become friends.”

When asked “What does attending USA Games mean to you?”, Tammie candidly shared, “I am not sure Christian has fully grasped how amazing this opportunity will be and how much support and love all the fans will show when the games begin! We look forward to seeing his reaction as much as he does feeling it.” One thing is for certain, though—Christian will make tremendous contributions to Team Wisconsin, just as he has done for his local program.

He is described as having “a heart of gold and willingness to give 100%.” And when Christian takes to the track in Orlando, what more could you possibly ask from a teammate?

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