Adam Hale’s Journey from Athlete to Coach

April 8, 2014

Adam Hale, 27, has participated in Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) sports for more than half his life. In his 15 years with the organization, he has competed in basketball skills, team basketball, athletics (track and field), bowling, and bocce. 

For Adam, becoming a bocce coach was an opportunity to spend more time with his parents, Ed and Dawn, who trained his peers in the sport. 

In addition to giving the family a new way to bond, coaching together became a way for Adam to reinforce his knowledge of the sport.

“I like helping others learn the sport,” said Adam.

“Coaching has also helped him understand the rules better,” said Ed. “He has improved himself by being able to explain the sport better to other athletes.” 

The highlight of Adam's coaching career came when he mentored the team at the State tournament. According to Ed, the responsibilities given to Adam improved his confidence and he impressed the team with his ability to lead.

“He [always] makes sure his team is well-prepared for the competitions,” said Ed.

Through both coaching and participating, Special Olympics has changed Adam's life, introducing him to new friends and cities.

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