Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear yours! If you have a fun or inspiring story about your experience with Special Olympics, share it with us here for a chance to be featured on My SOWI Story, our social media pages, or in other marketing materials.

Please note: Stories are published every week. In order for your story to be considered, it must be submitted by the end of the Sunday before publication. Stories submitted after the weekend will be considered for the following week. If your story is not featured right away, we will keep it on hand for future consideration. You will be contacted via email if your story is chosen to be published. Please feel free to let a parent/guardian/coach help you in answering these questions, and remember, content such as explicit language, profanity, the discussion of inappropriate events, or submissions that veer off-topic from the prompts will make your story ineligible for selection. We may make minor spelling or grammatical changes for clarity.