The mission of the Special Olympics Wisconsin Healthy Habits initiative is to improve each athlete’s ability to train and compete in Special Olympics by providing them with resources to advance their health, fitness and overall quality of life. By teaching preventative care practices, Healthy Habits reinforces the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle and integrating healthy choices into an athlete’s daily routine.

Cost to Athletes

The program provides health education and related products and services to Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes at no cost.

At an event athletes are supplied with resources related to the Healthy Habit and instructed on ways to develop the habit.

Benefits to Athletes

Statistics reveal that individuals with intellectual disabilities often do not receive the healthcare attention they need. Healthy Habits provides an additional opportunity to provide health education and awareness to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Healthy Habits provides athletes with resources related to each habit as well as education on how to develop these health and wellness habits. A Special Olympics Wisconsin local tournament may offer one or more Healthy Habits education topics. Through Healthy Habits, athletes may receive free blood pressure screenings as well as height and weight checks. They may also learn how to make healthy eating choices, prevent the spread of germs, and interpret their blood pressure and weight results. Other Healthy Habits topics teach athletes proper oral health, sun safety and physical fitness.


Any SOWI athlete that has a current medical on file with the Special Olympics Wisconsin Headquarters is welcome to participate in the Healthy Habits program. All athletes with a valid medical are encouraged to attend Healthy Habits screenings even if they are not competing at a tournament where Healthy Habits is taking place!


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