What is SOfit?

Special Olympics Wisconsin’s SOfit Program is a Unified approach to improving and protecting health and wellness for people with and without intellectual disabilities. SOfit offers participants a holistic, personalized look at wellness and the human spirit. Together, athletes and Unified partners are empowered to challenge and change the way they look at diet, daily exercise and lifestyle choices.

SOfit is an eight-week program that treats wellness as a Special Olympics sport. Teams meet at least once a week to learn about health and wellness topics and participate in physical activity. SOfit is highly adaptable to the teams, environment, and resources available. Participants are encouraged to set a goal for themselves in the beginning of the program and work toward it over the weeks. Teams can choose their lessons and fitness activities based on the goals of their group. Each SOfit session consists of two parts: physical activity and an educational component. Sites can choose an educational topic from the SOfit manual or create their own based on one of the Four Pillars of Wellness:

I. Nutritional Wellness
– Healthy Eating
– Nutrition Labels
– Portion Control
– Caffeine & Alcohol

II. Social Wellness
– Relationships
– Social Media
– Internet Safety
– Bullying

III. Emotional Wellness
– Emotions
– Stress Management
– Relaxation
– Self-Esteem

IV. Physical Wellness
– Alternative Fitness Options
– Flexibility
– Endurance & Strength
– Sleep

Resources Provided to SOfit Sites

  • Leader:
    • SOfit Manual containing lesson plans for educational component
  • Participants:
    • T-shirts
    • Water Bottles
    • Fit5 Guide & Fitness Cards

Forms & Resources


For more information or if you would like to start a SOfit program for your local program, please contact Health Program Manager Jeston Glish.

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