What is SOfit?

SOfit is a program designed to encourage athletes to participate in year-round wellness initiatives outside of traditional Special Olympics events. As a Unified program, SOfit strives to empower athletes and unified partners to challenge and change the way they look at diet, daily exercise and lifestyle choices.

SOfit promotes community-based training at recreation departments, community fitness centers, or even local group or family homes. SOfit is designed with four pillars of wellness in mind: Physical, Emotional, Social and Nutritional.

SOfit Parameters

SOfit sessions should meet at least once a week, for at least an hour, for eight weeks. Health metrics (height, weight, blood pressure, and resting heart rate) are collected at the beginning and end of each session along with a lifestyle survey.

Programs will be provided with a kit that consists of equipment to take the health metrics, fitness equipment, and SOfit Manual for the instructor. Each participant will receive a t-shirt, water bottle, Fit5 Guides, and Fitness Cards.

Each SOfit program meeting consists of two parts:

• Physical Activity

• Educational Activity: Choose an educational topic from one of the Four Pillars of Wellness

Nutritional Wellness Social Wellness Emotional Wellness Physical Wellness
o Healthy Eating
o Nutrition Labels
o Portion Control
o Caffeine & Alcohol
o Relationships
o Social Media
o Internet Safety
o Bullying
o Emotions
o Stress Management
o Relaxation
o Self Esteem
o Alternative Fitness Options
o Flexibility
o Endurance and Strength
o Sleep



Contact Information

Please contact the Director of Training if you would like to start a SOfit program in your agency or if you have any questions.

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