Competing in Athletics at the USA Games by Athlete Olivia Quigley

June 23, 2014

Our track meet was at Princeton University.  It was big and bold.  I loved being there and meeting all of the different states and talking to all of the different people.  I got to meet people from Alaska, Kentucky, Wyoming and other states, too.  There were a lot of volunteers there and they were really helpful.  

I did a really good job in my races; I ran very fast.  I liked it when they announced our names on the track and where we were from, but didn’t like they said how old we were!  I felt like an old lady.  Coach Deb said I had some of the fastest times of all of the females there!  It was really fun; to run under the lights was really different and fun. I felt faster when I ran under them.  The awards were awesome – I loved them.  I got flowers, too.  I took silver in the 100m and 200m runs, bronze in shotput and our 4×100 relay took home the gold!  I felt really proud when they played the ceremony music for the awards and when they put the awards around my neck.  

My favorite things we did were the boat cruise and the carnival.  I loved winning the stuffed animals at all of the games.  I went on the merry-go-round, too.  The boat cruise was fun because I got to see New York City and take pictures of the Statue of Liberty.  

I am going to miss my coaches when I go home, and my teammates, too.  I can’t wait to be home, though. I’m really tired and ready to put in a Disney movie and take a nap!  

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