Delegates Selected and Fitness Journeys Underway!

November 2, 2021

As Team Wisconsin athletes and unified partners train over the next seven months in their respective sports, they will also be participating in a specialized fitness program to help them improve their sport performance and overall health.

The fitness program started this fall with a collection of baseline data including biometrics, fitness assessments, and a lifestyle survey. Based on these results, each athlete and unified partner will have goals to work on when it comes to their physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. Delegates will attend educational webinars on topics such as general fitness, healthy travel, and emotional wellbeing. With tools like a personal fitness logbook, unified fitness kits, and Fit5 materials, the athletes and unified partners will be able to track their progress and work toward these fitness goals.

Jennifer and Malinda Fuerstenau, sisters and unified bocce duo for the Special Olympics USA Games, have enjoyed the fitness program, especially during the pandemic, and have seen the benefits firsthand. Jennifer shares, “I love working out with Special Olympics on Zoom on Tuesday to help me get fit for USA Games!” For Jennifer and Malinda, they are in this together from their fitness journey all the way to taking the bocce field at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando. Malinda wants to lead by example, and shares, “It is important to me that the example I set for Jennifer is a positive one. The opportunity to share something as awesome as the USA Games with her is a once in a lifetime event!”

Jennifer & Malinda having fun during a fitness Zoom session!

Following with the slogan for the Special Olympics USA Games, “Shine as One”, the entire Wisconsin delegation will join delegations from across North America for the SONA Step Challenge starting in 2022. The goal? To reach one million steps before the games begin in June—together.

We look forward to our delegates being able to see their fitness gains firsthand and celebrate achieving their goals!

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