Eight-Year-Old Athlete Garners National Attention After Scoring Touchdown at High School Game

October 29, 2014

With 11 older, athletic brothers and sisters, Gabe White was born cheering on his role models from the sidelines. This year, his big brother Owen’s freshmen football team at Rhinelander High School, recognized him for his positive attitude off the playing field by naming as an honorary captain.

“No matter how the game is going, Gabe is always happy. He gives the guys a hug and tells them they did a good job. The fans watch Gabe as much as they watch the game,” said Gabe’s mother, Cindy.

Whether he’s punting with the team during practice or playing catch on the sidelines during games, Gabe brings a smile to everyone’s face. A few weeks ago, the team decided it was time to return the favor. 

After a heartfelt loss to Mosinee High School at their last home game, the team suited up Gabe in a green jersey and proudly marched him onto the field for an extra-special fifth quarter play: Mosinee kicked the ball, Gabe picked it up and hit the ground running, all the way to the endzone as opponent after opponent fell to their knees. The crowd roared with applause as Gabe scored a touchdown. Fans captured the moment on video and it has received thousands of encouraging comments globally online, even airing on the NFL network and ESPN

“He pumped his fist into the air and the whole team lifted him up,” said Cindy. “I don’t think he thought of it as anything special. He just got his turn to do what everyone else gets to do, what he had seen his brothers for so many years.” 

As one of our youngest athletes, Gabe is just at the beginning of his sports career. He just signed up for his first sport, bowling, this fall and plans to participate in track in the spring. But with a video like this, maybe our nationally-recognized gold medal flag football team can catch Gabe’s attention. Gabe, we’re saving a spot for you on our team. 

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