Join Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) in the Get for Sport Challenge

February 24, 2014

Calling all athletes, Agencies, volunteers, and families and friends of Special Olympics Wisconsin.  The Games are coming!  The Games are coming!  That’s right, the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games are quickly approaching.

SOWI is participating in the Special Olympics Get Fit for Sport Challenge and is encouraging everyone to move and get fit for sports.  The Get Fit for Sport challenge encourages all people, of all abilities, to find fun ways to be active.

In this eight-week challenge, participants can choose all kinds of activities to meet their goal—gardening, walking, playing basketball, running, yoga, and more—all while fueling their bodies with nutritious foods.

Participants track their successes for free online.  No access to technology?  No problem, participants can document their progress in paper form and return it to SOWI athlete, Becca Stelpflug.

Stelpflug, an AIC member and Team Wisconsin athlete, urges you to create positive habits of exercise and team spirit by participating in the Get Fit for Sport Challenge.  As SOWI’s Get Fit for Sport Group Leader, Stelpflug, has completed the challenge in the past and shared why she is taking an active role.

“I am taking an active role in the Get Fit for Sport Challenge because I feel it is a great “fit” for everyone, especially our athletes and their families,” she said. “ It is something we can ALL do and it will help us all “get fit”. The other reason is I really want to help Team Wisconsin win the $1000 prize for our athletes.”

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