My Experience Coaching Flag Football at the 2014 USA Games by Athlete-Coach John Stemper

June 23, 2014

The flag football games were great!  We ended up winning the National Championship in Division 2.  It was amazing to be here coaching and the athletes were great.  I am so glad to have been here as a coach and to be a part of the thrill of everything.  I love to play, but just to come out here and be a part of the team was amazing.  I am most proud of how all of our athletes were communicating together during the games and afterwards, too.  We have all made friends that will last a lifetime.  

The night activities were great.  Monday night, we went to the Olympic Village and I got a picture with a WWE superstar! Tuesday night we went on the boat cruise. That was great!  It was way beyond what I thought it was going to be and it was like being on the Titanic (except it didn’t sink).  It was my favorite night of all.  Wednesday, we went and watched the other football games and I got a picture with the NY Giants kicker.  Thursday, after our gold medal game, we went and watched other Team Wisconsin track and swimming athletes.  Friday morning, we got up and watched Team Wisconsin volleyball win gold! 

This whole week has been amazing to be a part of Team Wisconsin.  You get treated like a rock star.  It was amazing to see the fans screaming and waving out here – there was a lot of Team Wisconsin fans! I am excited for tonight’s Closing Ceremonies and I’m not ready to go home – I don’t want this week to be over!

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