One Family’s Experience at the 2014 USA Games by Vicki & Dominic Zarletti

June 19, 2014

WOW!!! This has been fantastic. We're cheering for Angela Arsiniega. She is a gymnast for Team Wisconsin.

This is our first time at nationals. The Send Off and Opening Ceremony were very moving. Seeing Angela walk into that area with all the athletes was a once in a lifetime moment.

We watched gymnastics over the past three days. They were all great. Watching our Angela has moved us beyond words. Like seeing her excitement and the huge smile when she finished an event. The shear pride from just being there. We are proud to say she has won a gold and four silver medals.

Being involved with Team Wisconsin has been an honor. Thank you to all the coaches and the volunteers who have help make this event successful. It has been awesome to watch other events and see the pure joy on all the athletes faces.


Elated parents & family,
Vicki & Dominic Zarletti, Aunt Jodi & Uncle Tim and Uncle Dick


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