Project UNIFY® is for YOU!

November 3, 2014

If you thought you missed your chance to learn more about Project UNIFY at one of the three Leadership Forums, you are in luck, because we recorded one of them! Click here to get the scoop from Krysten Kirsch, Director of Youth Initiatives, and Youth Activation Committee members. 

Project UNIFY:
•    Unifies schools by using sports and education programs to create agents of change and whole school awareness. 
•    Engages youth to brainstorm ideas to unify schools, advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and support their local Special Olympics Agencies.
•    Strives for and underlines respect, dignity, and advocacy for all. 
•    Creates whole school awareness which ultimately trickles into whole community awareness, benefiting athletes of all ages!
•    Helps Agencies and schools become allies by engaging new, excited and strong energy to keep the mission alive. New volunteers, teammates, fundraisers, advocates, and friends are recruited.

You may also want to hear an overview of Unified Sports from Don Wigington, Regional Athletic Director – South Central Region 6. 

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