8 hilarious videos that will get you pumped for Run With The Cops

September 28, 2017 Blog, Events

On September 28th, folks in Menomonie kicked off the fall season of Run With The Cops in style. Now that the season is officially under way, it’s a good time to remember that law enforcement isn’t always serious business.

Here are 8 funny cop videos produced by members of Wisconsin’s very own Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics that will get your engine revved and whip you into shape for the upcoming races!

Talk about getting pumped! The UW-Oshkosh and Grand Chute Police Departments are hitting the gym hard for Run With The Cops:


These young women sort of have the right idea but they should be running WITH the Cops and not FROM the Cops:


Speaking of young, if young Officer Martin’s adorableness can’t get you whipped into shape, we don’t know what can:


It’s not quite CrossFit, but here’s a creative way to train for Run With The Cops:


Here’s another creative way to get in shape. We can all agree that the best burpee is a donut burpee:


Adding weights into your regimen is a great idea. But if you decide to get into squats in preparation for the race, keep the weight light. Remember, it’s Run With The Cops, not Powerlift With The Cops:


And if you can’t afford one of those expensive trainers or group classes, our very own LETR has got you covered. This video is as valuable as P90X (or Jane Fonda for you old-timers) for getting into peak physical condition:


Do all these things, and you just may clock an impressive speed on the radar gun like these runners:


And if you aren’t registered for a race, you still have time!  Visit our Run With The Cops page to register, donate, or learn more about the many events happening all over Wisconsin!

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