Special Olympic Athletes to be Featured Alongside Neenah high School’s Varsity Basketball Team on Nov. 19

November 19, 2015

Neenah High School’s Special Olympics basketball team will compete in a prime time game in the Ron Einerson Fieldhouse following the varsity boys basketball team’s annual “Meet the Rockets” night on Nov. 19.

The boys basketball team will hold its annual “Meet the Rockets” event at 6 p.m. Afterwards, fans will have a chance to meet and cheer on the school’s Special Olympics squad. The Special Olympics team will also be a part of the “Meet the Rockets” event and will take part in a skills competition. It marks the second straight year the Special Olympic athletes have been part of the “Meet the Rockets” night. This year’s event is titled “Phase 2.3.”

The Special Olympic athletes will compete in a game against a team of high school staff members around 7:30 p.m. The event is free admission, however, donations toward Special Olympics will be accepted between the skills competition and the Special Olympics game.

A unique aspect of this year’s event will be a halftime dance performance featuring members of the Neenah High School girls volleyball team and several Special Olympics athletes.

Neenah is one of a small number of Wisconsin high schools to sponsor its own Special Olympics team. Neenah’s Special Olympics team plays in a variety of tournaments against local schools and organizations throughout the winter. The season culminates with a regional tournament and skills event in March. Neenah’s Special Olympics team is the defending state champion in its division.

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