Fans in the Stands is a program designed to promote unity and encourage students, friends, and families to get groups together to make posters, banners or organize pep rally’s for Special Olympics athletes in their schools and communities.

Be a Fan and Volunteer to Cheer!

Not every athlete has friends or a family cheering them on during competitions, so imagine the feeling they get when there is suddenly a crowd of supporters behind them. By simply making signs, bringing noisemakers, clapping, whistling, and making up chants, athletes will have the feeling of home-field advantage.

Don’t have any flair? Don’t worry!

Many of our tournaments have a Family and Friends table. Here, you can borrow pom-poms and cowbells or make a sign to cheer on your favorite athlete or team!

Are you the Ultimate Fan?

During select State Games, Special Olympics Wisconsin (SOWI) staff search the stands during competition for Ultimate Fans. Those found to exemplify the characteristics of the Ultimate Fan are entered into a friendly competition judged by a rotating panel of SOWI Athlete Ultimate Fan Judges. Do you have what it takes to be the next Ultimate Fan?

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