Gabriel Wells

City: West Allis

Sport: Bowling

Years Involved with Special Olympics: 10 years

How has Special Olympics changed your life? Participating in SO has helped me become more confident – especially in sports. For example, after bowling with SO for awhile I decided to tryout for my high school bowling team. I made the team! It was scary at first. I didn’t know any of the team or coaches, and the practices and game format were different. I was shy and anxious in the beginning. In our first tournament the score was very close with the other team. The opposing team finished the 10th frame first putting them into the lead. It was my turn to bowl the 10th frame for our team. And guess what! I bowled my very first turkey and my team won! I was more comfortable after that. I bowled in my high school team for three years, made lots of friends, and learned to bowl better and learned proper bowling manners. I would not have tried out for the high school team if I didn’t have the experience with Special Olympics.

What does attending USA Games mean you to? I look forward most to go to Disney World. I’m so happy and lucky to be going and will do my best for my Coach, friends and family who support me at every Special Olympics event I go to and cheer me on.

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