Athletics (Track & Field) is offered in every Special Olympics program in the world representing over 140 countries and is one of the most popular sports among athletes. Athletes are grouped in divisions according to their ability level, age and gender.

Athletes can compete in running events from the 100M dash to the 800M run. Some athletes also compete in field events such as the long jump and softball throw. Athletes of lower ability can participate in walking and throwing events and physically disabled athletes compete in wheelchair events.

2021 Competition Options

In-Person Competition

The district competitions will be run regionally as a 4-station meet. The track meet will be split in half and have two race stations. Athletes will move through the meet by alternating between track events and field events. Each region may have a different layout for field events but will have the same stations. Each athlete participants in a category and will do track events and field events, with the exception of wheelchair races. See rules below for full list of categories with specific events.

In-Practice Competition

The in-practice competition is a virtual meet so everyone can be involved! Athletes participate in events from a category and compete against athletes across the state! Qualifying scores are due April 21st. Final scores are due May 9th.

State Competition

Athletes will advance to state from the in-person regional competitions via quota.


  • 100, 200, 400m, 800m Run
  • 100, 200, 400m, 800m Walk
  • Running Long Jump
  • Mini Jav (cannot participate in softball throw)
  • 100, 200m Non-Motorized Wheelchair

Developmental Events

  • 50m Walk
  • 50m Run
  • 25m Walk
  • 25m Run
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Softball Throw (Athletes throwing over 15m should compete in the mini jav; athletes who have thrown more than 20m in a SOWI competition will be ineligible to participate in softball throw following that season)
  • 25m Non-Motorized Wheelchair
  • 30m Non-Motorized Wheelchair Slalom
  • 30m Motor Wheelchair Slalom
  • 25m Motor Wheelchair Obstacle Course
  • 50m Motor Wheelchair Slalom

Rules & Forms

Important Dates

Medical Deadline: April 15

In-Person Competitions:

Amber Weinfurter April 28 Merrill May 15
Michaela Harrison April 21 Chippewa Falls May 8
Curt Evans April 28 Brillion Middle School May 15
Nicole Christensen April 21 Edgerton May 9
Hailey Fischer April 28 Racine May 15
Jason Blank April 28 Mukwonago May 15


In-Practice Competition:

  • April 21 – Event Entry Registration & Qualifying Scores Due for Regions 3 and 6
  • April 28 – Event Entry Registration and Qualifying Scores Due for Regions 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8
  • May 9  – Final Scores Due

State Competition:

Jason Blank June 7 Appleton Lawrence University June 11 June 26



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